N3/HSCN Consultancy

Specialist N3/HSCN Consultancy and Managed Services 

2018 marked the year of transition from N3 to HSCN.

The Health and Social Care Network is now live and accepting organisations on the network. Being trusted by many local authorities means that in the past, we have delivered clear, workable advice regarding NHS N3 compliance and matters of information security. We now use this knowledge base to advise a new generation of clients with HSCN consultancy.

From our five offices, we provide connection consultancy and other data security services to local authorities and private organisations across the UK. To provide services to Health via the NHS N3/HSCN network, manage devices, or administer applications on the N3/ HSCN network, you need to comply with the technical and Information Governance requirements of the NHS in order to be able to communicate via N3/ HSCN. We can provide advice and guidance in order to ensure that you are compliant.

Hytec is one of the few organisations suitably qualified to advise care organisations and local authorities on matters relating to IT security (PSN, HSCN infrastructure design). With over 27 years’ experience providing connection advice and hosting to Health organisations and local authorities Hytec is seen as a trusted partner.

Hytec consultants are heavily involved in the area of information assurance.  They are aware of, and continually monitor changes to the many “baseline” standards that exist in the UK.  They also contribute regularly to speaking engagements when information assurance is on the agenda.

Knowledge is gathered from many sources such as The Cabinet Office, CESG, NHS, DoH and PSN.  Information is also gathered from other reliable information sources regarding new or emerging threats and vulnerabilities, such as CERT and NIST.

We are true N3/ HSCN service experts with over 27 years security/information governance experience. We have provided specialist services providing DSP Toolkit Compliance Services and connected hundreds of organisations to a secure, resilient N3/ HSCN connected hosting environment. We build relationships based on flexible, friendly partnerships and the cost-effective delivery of information security related services and hosting, such as N3/ HSCN and PSN.

A Client's Story - Omnicell

As a result of the service provided by Hytec, Omnicell was able to quickly support a hospital trust with further training of their new Omnicell automated dispensing cabinets.

Rather than having to attend the site to carry out the training, the Omnicell team were able to use N3 tokens to view the system remotely and provide guidance and support to the customer. This has allowed our service department to deal with requests quickly and efficiently.

About HSCN

HSCN provides the underlying network arrangements to help integrate and transform health and social care services by enabling them to access and share information more reliably, flexibly and efficiently.

The potential benefits of joining HSCN are:

  • The ability to send and receive secure data between health, commercial and social care organisations, supporting information and service sharing

  • Cheaper connectivity than previous N3 services

  • Simpler network Information governance requirements

  • Helping staff across health, commercial service providers and care work together

  • Standardised networks

  • Simpler access to NHS Digital's national applications, making it easier to confirm NHS numbers, share care plans and access Summary Care Records


N3/HSCN Connection Service

NHS N3/HSCN gap analysis package 

Gap analysis against the requirements of the NHS Data Security and Protection Toolkit (DSP Toolkit).

Develop short and long term N3/HSCN action plans

Action/improvement plans are developed from the results of the initial N3/HSCN audit or gap analysis. 

Provide relevant comments for NHS DSP toolkit submission  

Hytec understands the risks posed by a shortfall in compliance and act on the organisation's behalf to mitigate this risk

Completion of online NHS DSP toolkit

Hytec consultants are highly familiar with the NHS DSP toolkit. We have produced a version of the toolkit that has been adapted to make it easier to use. 

Management progress reports until N3/HSCN connection completion 

Hytec produces reports that ensure senior managements team are fully informed of progress against the journey to N3/HSCN connectivity. 

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