Hytec - Our accreditations

What is an accreditation? It is a statement of compliance that showcases to potential partners your commitment to maintain certain standards. These industry standards are then sort after as they offer a warm hug for organisations seeking certain expertise. If they have two suppliers and want to differenciate them, then the accreditations listed can help the suppliers to stand out from each other. 

Hytec hold an enviable range of accreditations, from Cyber Essentials to being a BSI Platinum Partner and registered against ISO Quality frameworks. These are badges of honour that prove to our customers, partners and suppliers that we prioritise continuous improvement in order to deliver the highest quality services.

We are committed to the ongoing development of information governance and compliance standards.

ISO27001: Information Security

The ISO 27001 standard outlines best practice and security procedures to organisations, from the ground up, it embeds a ‘best practice culture’.

It helps avoid incidents such as those reported in the media, when employees lose memory sticks containing sensitive information, defining where and when data can and should be accessed. It helps employees see data and the need to protect it every day, while also helping your organisation to be legally compliant with data security standards.

Hytec are proud to be ISO27001 certified as it shows to potential clients that we practice what we preach. We operate on a best practice basis and can share our knowledge and experience to help get you there. 

HSCN Aggregator

2018 marked the transition from N3 to HSCN.

During the transition period, a level of disruption amongst clients was expected and Hytec have been one of the few organisations qualified to advise these organisations. Why? Hytec are trusted by local authorities and healthcare providers for being able to provide clear and concise guidance and advice.

Being an aggregator means that Hytec are able to place clients on to our N3 circuits before assisting them with the transfer to HSCN. 

Cyber Essentials

The Cyber Essentials accreditation was launched in 2014 and was developed by the Government to provide a universal framework for all organisations. It says to your clients that you take your cyber security responsibilities seriously, providing a base level that businesses of all sizes can adhere to, ensuring confidence when working with partner organisations. In addition to providing confidence externally, it also provides an additional level of confidence internally, as Managers can feel safe in the knowledge that a best practice framework exists in the organisation. 

Hytec are Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus certified to ensure that we can get your organisation to where they need to be.

ISO9001: Quality Management

ISO 9001 is the international standard that specifies requirements for a quality management system (QMS). Organisations use the standard to demonstrate the ability to consistently provide products and services that meet customer and regulatory requirements. This showcases to clients and prospects alike that you take what you are doing seriously and have achieved a certain level of quality in your work.

Hytec are perfectionists and believe that our work should speak for itself. This is why we are ISO9001 certified as it showcases the dedication to mastering our craft. We aren’t industry leaders for nothing and have worked for nearly 30 years to achieve a level of quality in our work and are not about to let up know.

What do our clients say?

Dedalus Healthcare Ltd

With the national focus on GDPR compliance for personal data confidentiality and the need for thorough system and process security, we are delighted to have achieved ISO27001 accreditation with the invaluable help of Hytec. 

Hytec’s Consultancy helped us formalise our existing processes against ISO standards, provided advice on writing policies and procedures, and assisted with incident and risk management for our full ISMS (Information Security Management System).  Their advice was informative and very professional, and proved especially useful during the audit process.  We now have the tools and knowledge to be self-sufficient in maintaining the accreditation.


As a result of the service provided by Hytec, Omnicell was able to quickly support a hospital trust with further training of their new Omnicell automated dispensing cabinets.

Rather than having to attend the site to carry out the training, the Omnicell team were able to use N3 tokens to view the system remotely and provide guidance and support to the customer. This has allowed our service department to deal with requests quickly and efficiently.

In addition to these accreditations we are listed on government frameworks and have developed a Managed Security Service based on our near 30 years’ experience. 

If you would like to talk to us about any of the information listed on this page, then please get in touch today.