N3/HSCN Hosting

Expert advice and guidance to aid the transition to HSCN

2018 marked the year of transition from N3 to HSCN (Health and Social Care Network). HSCN is live and accepting organisations onto the network, with Hytec providing services to support the HSCN Connection, IGSoC Toolkit, PSN connectivity and ISO 27001 certification.

Hytec are trusted by many local authorities and have previously delivered clear, workable advice regarding NHS N3 compliance and matters of information security. They now use this knowledge base to advise a new generation of clients with HSCN consultancy.

HSCN Hosting

Hytec Information Governance and Security offer a wide range of software and services, providing expertise in infrastructure design and managed HSCN hosting services. Taking this expertise across a client base that is not limited to health authorities, it also includes local government and commercial organisations, Hytec make a difference. 

For these clients, the initial engagement usually occurs when connection to private or secure networks and compliance with security standards are required.

The interface between the HSCN network and the external internet is managed and controlled in the Hytec hosted environment. This is housed in a TIA 942, Tier 3 high security, high availability HSCN compliant data centre. A typical environment consists of a server sitting within a secure DMZ created between two suitably assured firewalls, one facing the internet, the other facing the HSCN network. Access to clients’ hosted systems by Hytec support staff and the clients’ support staff is via secure two factor authentication. 

Hytec ensures that the whole environment operates in compliance with NHS HSCN standards, for example:

  • Use of suitably accredited firewalls (EAL4)
  • Retention of logs for the required time
  • Use of Two factor authentication for secure access and for non-repudiation

For the Hytec HSCN hosting, the team operates a 24-7 helpdesk and has mature procedures and policies that enable the efficient management of incidents. Our change management processes are flexible enough to allow us to accommodate the working practices of our clients but which also allow Hytec to control access to the HSCN hosted system on their behalf. Many of these processes integrate with the information governance processes and policies of clients.