Vulnerability Scanning and Alerts

As part of Hytec's Managed Security Service, vulnerability scanning and testing is continually available

It is widely agreed that the majority of security incidents can be prevented by effective patch management, for example Wannacry. Our on-demand scanning will identify vulnerabilities and holes in the security network.

Hytec’s expert team will scan your key systems for vulnerabilities on a regular basis or whenever needed and interface with threat intelligence sources. Hytec will provide a live security commentary, including real-time contextualised reporting of threats and vulnerabilities and security breaches if they occur. This will also assist in compliance with GDPR reporting requirements.

Using information collection/correlation coupled with managed threat intelligence information, threats and vulnerabilities will be identified by the Hytec service, interpreted to determine business impact, and passed to you alongside suggested corrective actions.


Identify vulnerabilities 

Reporting to support GDPR and PCI DSS compliance 

Network and machine activity from  both Cloud and On-premise

Live security commentary with suggested corrective actions