Asset identification and management

The asset identification and management component of our Managed Security service ensures that there is no easy access to your network

We believe the most important first stage of any Managed Security Service is understanding what needs protecting in the first place – your assets. This is especially important at the start of a cyber-security initiative when a solid grasp of your information assets is crucial. What are the key data and associated information flows, functions and systems that allow you to operate and deliver value to citizens and users? Only by knowing this can you assess the risk that cyber-threats pose, identify the full scope of what needs defending and prioritise the investments needed.

Over the past five years, there has been a significant growth in shadow IT in Local Authorities. This is where departments and even individuals use SaaS solutions without Corporate IT approval. This situation has made it more difficult than ever to understand all the assets that could affect your organisation. Our service will scan and discover all the assets in your cloud and on-premise environments that are visible to the Hytec Managed Security Service, and get visibility of the vulnerabilities and active threats against them. Our asset identification and management element of our Managed Security service ensures that there is no easy access to your network.


Understand your corporate assets 

Reduce the potential security threat from shadow IT

No unauthorised access routes on your network 

Supports both cloud and on premise