Managed Security

Hytec’s Managed Security Service provides the complete security service

Cyber Security Managers in Local Authorities, Health and Healthcare suppliers have their hands full trying to ensure their organisation doesn’t become yet another headline grabbing example of a damaging cyber-attack.  It’s an uphill battle and judging from the rapidly growing number of victims, it’s a battle many are not winning. Hytec’s partnership approach to enterprise cyber security offers a distinctive service that aims to raise levels of cyber security to those appropriate for the local government and health environment. Designed by necessity, the service addresses the very particular set of issues faced by local authorities and other public sector and 3rd sector organisations. Working in security and information governance for over two decades Hytec has established a comprehensive, best in breed Managed Security Service that will significantly enhance the protection of systems/data, help achieve your compliance requirements and ensure appropriate security mechanisms are in place. 

The security landscape can be a confusing and frustrating area where hidden costs can quickly escalate and IT tools often do not deliver their promised gains (without hard to secure specialist skills). Hytec’s Managed Security Service is different. It provides the complete service (people, process, technology, intelligence and compliance) to ensure that your organisation's security ambitions are realised. Hytec cyber consultants have many years of experience advising local authorities on cyber security and are available for the provision of practical, actionable advice. The Hytec service aims to reduce the likelihood of serious security incidents to a minimum. Hytec will support your in-house ICT team’s incident response procedures and will inform them of the necessary corrective actions should an incident occur. 

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Our unique Managed Security Service is made up of the following five core areas to deliver an appropiate level of security for Local Authorities, Health and Healthcare suppliers at a cost effective price.